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Expand your business using the #1 PMU growth system - Boost PMU. Our tailored solutions capture, nurture, and close more clients than ever before without adding more work to your plate!

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How We Attract 5-10 New Clients Every Week

Our smart automation takes the guesswork out of growing your business. We have the systems and tools you need to target the right people, schedule more clients, and take your business to the next level.

We show you how to gain back time to focus on your business and your clients without spending hours on social media and other platforms trying to find new leads. Let us show you how we easily get 5-10 new customers a week!

how iT wORKS?

Our process is simple. We designed it that way so that we can help PMU Artists build their businesses and boost their online presence. Here’s what happens when you partner with us!

  • We give you our step by step process
  • How we generate more income
  • Operate more efficiently & effectively
  • Grow your business & meet your goals!
  • Included access to our All-in-One Software



"After struggling to find clients for way too long I am BEYOND grateful to have Boost PMU in my corner. I went from 2-3 clients a month to literally booking out weeks, sometimes months, in advance! Using this program was the best decision I ever made and I highly recommend it to any PMU Artist who is ready to fill their books :-)"

Britt H.

PMU Artist


"This program is seriously incredible. I watched my sister go from struggling to find clients to literally booking out weeks in advance. When I Google her business she now has over 30 five star reviews in just 2 months and that number keeps growing. After seeing what it did for her business I jumped on board too and I highly recommend this to anyone who's ready to fill their books and go that extra mile taking care of their clients in the process. Could not recommend enough."

Cassi M.

PMU Education


"Everyone says that you have to work hard to make money. Those people must not use this program! Super easy and highly effective in getting business booming. The scheduling program and client management is worth every cent! Very supportive customer service! Can't recommend this enough!"

Diana O.

PMU Artist

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